Ciouxe (pronounced Sue) is the woman of Australia, a beacon of success and style. She’s an educator, a Nobel peace prize winner and former prostitute. Tony Abbott himself has called her an ‘Icon’. An inspiration to all.

 “Tony called me THE woman of Australia, and that’s not just of the year, it’s of all time! It’s just me out of everybody who ever has been or ever will be. Suck on that Olivia!” – Ciouxe, Nobel Prize 2018 acceptance speech.

Her world is turned upside-down when she finds herself at the centre of a national political scandal, and her estranged best friend calls with shocking news. Abciouxeloutely is playing at The Butterfly Club from the 14th-15th of February. Audiences can expect a crazy fun night! Ciouxe is the queen of irreverence and controversy. She will take you on a wild ride.

 “I have been excommunicated from the Catholic church five times. That’s twice more than Madonna!” – Ciouxe, Oscars 2011 acceptance speech.

  Written by and starring Joseph Lai as Ciouxe, with Liliana Dalton, Charlotte Righetti and Jacob Pate. It’s a spectacle for the senses, featuring jaw dropping dance, side splitting humour and irresistible beauty. If you love Kath and Kim, binge Absolutely Fabulous and Hate Scomo, You’ll love Ciouxe! She’ll take care of you.

February 14 – 15