Every now and again a family-friendly comedy comes around.

A Very Kransky Christmas; is one of the comedic jewels that should not be missed.

The sisters Mourne, Eve and Dawn from a little know town of “ESK”, (located in South East Queensland having a population of 1,700 people).

Provide a semi-gothic like, quirky and yet innocent, (as through the eyes of children) journey back to the mid-1970s where they recall aspects relating to Christmas at the Kransky household; and the special events that follow.

This is a very polished and highly entertaining production, which will take you on a journey of what can be considered a strangely familiar but yet quirkily weird, kind off relatable situation, with a tinge of “the Adams Family” thrown in.

From the sisters it’s a serious account, with extremely funny situations; which allows your imagination to paint the pictures, as the sisters take you through various Christmas songs, and other musical snippets performed on some of the strangest combinations of musical instruments, such as a Tuba, played by Dawn, an electrified acoustic guitar played by Mourne, a pink plastic keyboard shared between Mourne and Eve, and a musical saw played by Eve along with other musical items like a toilet brush, and plastic spaghetti spoon.

The musical artistry and three-part harmonies are worth the price of the ticket.  You will never hear, or appreciate the Kransky Sisters mastery arrangements to such classics as “Silent Night” performed on the musical saw, or the treatment they deliver to a very dreamy “White Christmas”, or the hilarious audience participation to “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and the Naughty or Nice song “Santa Clause is coming to town” unless you attend one of their performances.


Other memorable delights include the way the sisters incorporate other songs into their stories, such as Thriller which is kind of spooky and weird, yet a fitting arrangement to the Kransky style, the mixing of melodies from different songs and genres leaves no song un-marked. Songs from Enya, Gotye, Daft Pink, Gangnam Style, and from movies like Frozen, ensures there’s something for everyone.

The Sisters are very engaging with the audience, as you become involved in participating with handclapping, and the jingling of everyone’s favourite musical instrument,” your keys on a key ring”.

It’s a lot of fun, laughter, and a great night out; you will come away with smiles knowing that you have been well and truly entertained.

One of the highlights of the evening is at the very end, when Dawn breaks out to everyone’s delight and applause. It is something not to be missed.