***** stars

Gravity & Other Myths treat Perth audiences to their multi-award-winning show A Simple Space. A show for the whole family that never talks down to the audience but rather exudes a delightful combination of sophistication and playfulness throughout.

It is apparent that the inspiration for this production is childhood preoccupations that reveal an innate competitiveness in the human psyche: who can jump the furthest, who is the strongest, can you do this task without touching the ground? Though the amazing performers take these simple competitions to the extreme resulting in a visceral experience that is captivating, awe-inspiring, regularly eliciting gasps from the audience.

As the title suggests, there is a deliberate simplicity to this production that does not rely on quirky costumes, makeup, lighting and sound effects to keep the audience engaged. Instead, the audience only concentrates on the performers as they move from one incredible acrobatic stunt to the next, displaying flawless timing, nerves of steel, enormous strength, remarkable teamwork and a sincerity and humour that is enthralling.

Supporting the performers is a live percussionist whose amazing skill adds to the tension and feelings of anticipation.

Not to be missed at the 2020 Perth Fringe World!

A Simple Space is showing at The West Australian Spiegeltent at The Woodside Pleasure Garden, Russel Square, cnr James St and Shenton St, Northbridge.

Jan 21st – 26th at 1:30pm

Jan 28th – 31st at 7pm

Feb 1st – 16th at 7pm (excluding Mondays)

Feb 2nd, 9th & 16th at 3pm (matinee)

Ticket prices: from $25.00 to $42.00

Duration: 60 min

Bookings: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/a-simple-space-fw2020

5 / 5

Photo credit: Chris Herzfeld