This January, the world-class acrobats of Gravity & Other Myths (Backbone) will strip their craft down to the bare essentials in A Simple Space, where talent and creativity shine through in a family friendly celebration of strength, playfulness and friendship in the intimate confines of Art Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio.

Stunning and joyous for kids and adults alike, A Simple Space delights audiences with non-stop feats of exhilarating acrobatic ability.

Instead of fine-tuning the performance with makeup, lighting and contrived theatrical overlay, the world-class acrobats invite audiences closer, to witness them pushing themselves to the physical limit, letting their guard down and revealing the reality of failure and weakness.
With nothing left to hide behind, personal narratives come through naturally. The combination of raw honesty and lightheartedness forms the basis of A Simple Space and is what sets the performance apart from traditional acrobatics.

Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is a multi-award winning, highly respected Australian acrobatics ensemble. Formed in 2009 in Adelaide, the group creates and directs their own work with emphasis on an honest approach to performance, moving away from traditional circus and theatre models, towards a fusion of acrobatic physical theatre.

GOM continues to grow and evolve, pushing their physical and creative boundaries and striving for unique performance opportunities and meaningful audience engagement across all age demographics.

Bring your family and feel every exertion, see every bead of sweat and be staggered by the candid prowess and humour of A Simple Space, this January at Arts Centre Melbourne.

January 3 – 14, 2018

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