Two women hide inside a lonely motel room on a forgotten road. Celebrating and mourning their last night together, they discuss love, sex, drugs, and the afterlife. Shifting between memory and surreal fantasy, their discussions spin into an intricate web of lust and longing, asking the question: is this the end of the world? Press play to find out.

Tooth n’ Fang is an international arts collective devoted to unearthing and unleashing the raw and sharp. Blending dramaturgy, experimental design, and multidisciplinary art making, the collective produce work that is both poetic and brutal.

Sex, drugs, and the end of the world. Pink clouds, no vacancy signs, and a great abyss just beyond your doorstep. What Allanah and Lucas have searched for in the creation of Press Play is how the role of memory functions within intimate relationships, and how we make our loved ones remember a world or another life they don’t know they have forgotten. They have begun exploring this topic through the creation of Press Play, for in the work, the intention was to use theatre to question the endless game of  love and loss and the end of the world.

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