Review by George Dixon

4.5 Stars

This performance has all the elements that children enjoy, a traditional (Aboriginal) story, that includes adventure, suspense, non-stop action, physical acting, shadow puppetry and vivid animal costumes.

There’s little special effects, and nothing that can scare you. Parents will love the one-hour performance for its clarity, simplicity, comic adaption and overall fun.

Written by Nathan Maynard, (2019 Balnaves Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Fellow)

A Not So Traditional Story will take you on an adventure with a twist.

Starting with Two young’uns, one eager for adventure, one not so, are interrupted by an Alien from a faraway land, who crashes his flying canoe complete with a colourful wombat (Wombie), in search of the ‘oldest of old elders’ to find the meaning of a mysterious object.

The audience consisting of younger and older people aged 5 and up, were spellbound by the magic of the story and the clarity of performance from Craig Irons, Nathan Maynard, Denni Proctor and Jordy Gregg who presented a natural children’s orientated adult spoken play.

The dialogue is direct, clear and easy to follow. Stage direction by Sam Routledge allowed the freedom of movement and balanced performances from every side of the stage.

Michelle Boyde (Set and Costumes design) has provided simply stunning Australian animal costumes which highlight simplicity and artistic flair.

After the performance the cast sits on stage and invite questions from the audience.

Nothing is hidden as the young people eagerly raise their hands, and ask questions such as, where did the story come from, how they made the costumes, how the shadow puppetry works, and others.

Each question was answered, costumes are shown with explanations about how they work and what materials they were made from (if your wondering it’s all recycled materials.)

For everyone there, it was a delightful experience. One that should not be missed.


Stage Management4.5