Aspect Theatre Company is bringing the mystical tales of Cinderella and Jack in the Beanstalk to life, with their latest production of Into The Woods.

The story which follows the Baker and the Bakers Wife as they try to break the witch’s curse, shows what happens to Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Jack, to just name a few, after they live happily ever after.

A story which is all about morals and has so many messages for the audience, according to Aspect’s own Baker’s Wife, Jacqui Moore.

“I guess the obvious one stems from the final number which states that ‘Children Will Listen’ and so you must be careful of the example you are setting. But this is only one message amongst many more: ‘Be careful what you wish for’, ‘Don’t run away from your responsibilities’ and ‘Be grateful for the wonderful things you have’ also really stand out for me,” she said.

Omar Moustafa, who plays the Baker agrees, saying the most prevalent message is expressed in ‘Children Will Listen’, sung by the Witch.

“This is the type of story that has a life lesson or three for everyone, but the message that stands out for me is the importance of taking responsibility for your decisions and actions,” he said.

The extended rehearsal period of 6 months, has given them the ability to not only explore the themes in depth, but also the characters and their motives throughout.

“It has been a unique experience to have so much time to prepare a show. It has allowed us to give such a complex show a level of detailed attention that is often difficult to achieve in community theatre,” said Moustafa.

Mitchell Hurrey, who plays Jack, acknowledges how the longer period has allowed the cast to bond and create authentic performances throughout.

“The six months of rehearsals have definitely given me the opportunity to connect and form very strong bonds with every single member of the cast and production team, and this is what makes Aspect shows so spectacular when seen in the theatre,” he said.

While they didn’t want to give too much away, all 3 said that audiences need to keep their eyes out for the dance troupe, an addition not usually seen in a traditional production. But this isn’t the only unexpected decision.

“The approach our creative team has taken to dramatising the atmosphere and the influence of the woods over the characters is something that audiences familiar with traditional stagings of the show might not expect,” Moustafa said.

Hurrey agrees, praising the directing team.

“The direction and choreography of the show has also given this show a flare that I have not yet seen in a depiction of Into the Woods,” he said.

Songs such as ‘It Takes Two’ and ‘Your Fault’, are cast favourites to be perform and share with an audience.

“I have a soft spot for ‘It Takes Two’ because I get the opportunity to sing and be goofy with my partner in crime Omar Mustafa,” said Moore.

“Their relationship suffers throughout the story under the pressure of their quest to have a child, but in this scene they see each other in a new light and reconnect in a really lovely way,” said Moustafa.

While Moore is playing a dream role, she believes the whole cast is exceeding all expectations and cannot wait for an audience to experience what she sees in rehearsals.

“Sharing the stage with some of the most talented people with whom I’ve ever had the joy of working. I can’t pick a stand out from this cast because everyone has brought and continues to bring their A-game.

“This show has been a true team effort, so I think we’re all just excited to share it with an audience now.” She said.


Into the Woods season runs from July 21 to July 29.


Friday 21st of July 7:30pm (Gala Night)
Saturday 22nd of July 1:30pm & 7:30pm
Sunday 23rd of July 4pm
Thursday 27th of July 7:30pm
Friday 28th of July 7:30pm
Saturday 29th of July 1:30pm & 7:30pm

Performed at the Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

Tickets available: