Something exciting is happening at Sydney’s Seymour Centre on Friday night.

The exceptionally talented team at Squabbalogic is presenting what’s described as a cryptic and fun-filled evening of music theatre. It’s their second “Mystery Musical”.

The aptly titled evening, Mystery Musical #2, will see Squabbalogic bring to life a show that’s long been waiting in the wings.

Back in January, the team produced its first Mystery Musical event, which involved a staging of Bye Bye Birdie. It raised in excess of $10,000 for the company and, on Friday evening, Squabbalogic is hoping to raise $30,000 to go towards their 2015-16 season.

So what exactly will the funding go towards? Theatre People was fortunate enough to catch Squabbalogic’s artistic director, Jay James Moody, for a quick chat earlier this week to get all the details. “We want the company to continue to grow and become a professional company.” Moody says box office takings from the company’s seasons aren’t enough to take them to that level, and it’s hoped these fundraising efforts will move them closer to that goal, and Squabbalogic fans have the opportunity to add an extra show to the roster of works that made up the recent 2014-15 season. “It’s more bang for your buck – a whole extra show,” Moody says.

He’s assembled an incredible cast of well-credentialed music theatre performers. On stage on Friday evening (in roles TBA!) will be Ali Calder (Wicked, Legally Blonde), Laura Murphy (Grease, A New Brain), Edward Grey (Wicked, Legally Blonde), Phillip Lowe (The Producers, Blood Brothers), Dean Vince (Sondheim on Sondheim, Love Never Dies), Beth Daly (Footlose, The Boy from Oz) and Tim Page (Aspects of Love, My Fair Lady). In total, 30 cast members will take to the stage.

“We have a huge cast, which we’re not used to having,” Moody says. He’s excited about the performer list, which was being added to even this week. “We had our last actor come on board [on Tuesday],” he tells Theatre People. A key reason the performer roster was finalised so close to show day was the fact that the musical on the cards has completely changed over the past week. “Basically, we had to change the show at the last minute due to some licensing issues,” Moody explains.

But patrons can rest assured that the plan B option Squabbalogic is pursuing promises to offer just as stellar an evening of music theatre. Without really giving anything away, Moody says it’s a classic piece that is both “hilarious” and “moving”. “I don’t think it’s been performed in Australia for a couple of decades,” he adds.

Mystery Musical

What classic but long-neglected musical will Squabbalogic be staging as their second Mystery Musical?

And not only will attendees on Friday be treated to the mystery musical, but there’ll also be a special first look at the Squabbalogic 2015-16 season. As if a classic musical wasn’t worth the cost of a ticket on its own!

Moody says the evening will give supporters the chance to give feedback on the offerings the company has planned. “We want the audience to be involved in the conversation,” he says, and he’s keen to give audience members the chance to shape the season that they want to see.

So if you’re in Sydney this weekend, and haven’t got a clue about the kind of theatrical piece you want to see, head down to the Seymour Centre and let Squabbalogic make the choice for you!

For more information or bookings, visit or phone the Seymour Centre Box Office on (02) 9351 7940.


Date: Friday 7th August 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: Premium Admission $95 / A-Reserve Admission $75 / B-Reserve Admission $55 / C-Reserve Admission $35