A Golem Story What happens when the power to create becomes the power to destroy?


Prague, 1580. Dead children are found drained of blood, an invisible Emperor calls for the emptying of the Jewish ghetto, and a Rabbi works in darkness to animate a creature of terrifying power. Have I intrigued you yet?
Playwright Lally Katz(Goodbye Vaudeville, Apocalypse Bear Trilogy) has created a work about the most enduring yet elusive mythical figure in Jewish folklore – the golem. This is a superhuman figure fashioned from mud and endowed with terrible strength. Enough to grab the attention of any self respecting lover of all myths that go boo in the night. A manufactured body without a soul, the myth of the golem taps right into many of our modern ethical dilemmas: who has the right to play God and create life? Even more daunting, what does it mean to have the power to beget a force that could create mass destruction?
In Katz’s wild fantasy tale she explores the fate of a woman robbed of memory and mourning the mysterious loss of her fiancé. Through her eyes we see a world under threat, and full of contradictory desires. Katz talks about how she first begins to imagine a play: "It begins in different ways. But it will usually start off being a collection of different things that all end up forming the pieces of a world or a story together. For instance the play Goodbye New York, Goodbye Heart first started the last time I was in New York, four years ago and I was in my way to the Empire State Building. There were these two girls walking ahead of me. And I thought I heard one of them say to the other, in this sort of knowing voice, ‘Yeah, but you thought Star Wars was never ending’. For some reason, that really caught my imagination. And I kept saying it out loud to myself, over and over again, ‘Yeah… But you thought Star Wars was never ending’. I wanted to find out what it meant."
Acclaimed director, actor, writer and Malthouse Artistic Director until last year, Michael Kantor, will be directing the play. He and Katz have been in close meetings pre production going through the script, as is part of Katz’s collaborative wont. Katz will also be in the rehearsal room with Kantor and his actors fielding any questions about tone or script changes if required.
Further discussion between Kantor and Katz can be heard below.

A GOLEM STORY: VENUE: Merlyn Theatre, The Cub Malthouse, 113 Sturt St Southbank.