We sat down with Studio Welder head honcho Gabrielle Savrone to chat about their upcoming acting course.
TP: So how did this course come about?’
I always looked for an acting course that gave me the tools i needed to work, and I never found it, basically I have designed the program I wish existed when I was acting!
Not just a list of agents at the end, but ongoing support and new headshot, a showreel scene, one on one help to setup online profiles and reach out to agents, audition room training, accent work, stage training and film training.
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TP: How’s it structured?
6 months, divided into 2 terms.
First term is training, working out what methods work for each actor and then we apply then, first is a stage focus, the classic skills for acting, physically vocally and mentally. Accent training is included here, and the end of term 1 results in play produced at the butterfly club, with characters written for the students by a talented playwright NIDA graduate Jake Stewart.
Second Term is focused n film and TV and industry prep, so we film a showreel scene, learn how to self tape, do doc auditions and Q AND A’s with industry professionals and setup online accounts and acting admin.
TP: What do you hope students will get out of it?
Everything they need to feel confident and fearless.
Previous student Alicia said “I gained a f*ck it attitude, and thats the best thing I have learnt”.
TP: What makes this course unique?
3 things
Finding your own acting method to apply to any medium – TV, Film and Stage.
Includes head shots and showreel scene
Having a playwright write a character for the students.
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TP: How long does it go for and what’s the cost?
6 months,
800 deposit upon acceptance to secure a place.
$3000 for term 1
$2000 for term 2
Payment plans available.
TP: Who are the teachers and what are their credentials? 
Indiana Tali – trained in method, ute hagan and sensory methods in NYC. She is also a working actor.
Mark Wong – VCA vocal and accent coach, has worked with many stage companies and performs in Melbourne including stage art.
Gabrielle Savrone – Works at highway casting, owner of The Owl and Cat Theatre and is a working actor and director in film TV and stage.
TP: Do you offer any additional benefits? 
Free rehearsal space and ongoing support for all students.
Monthly social events to go and see plays or read scripts together.
We encourage community and collaboration e.g.: students creating their own work together.
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TP: What have some of the successful students gone on to do theatre wise? 
Our last group are now creating a theatre company together.
The current group are developing a film together and 3 have successfully landed agents!
For details, go to: https://www.studioweldervic.com.au/
There’s also a scholarship available:
Application Instructions
  1. Record a 1-2 minute video telling us:
    • A little bit about yourself​​​
    • Briefly, any experience you’ve had in acting
    • Why you would like this scholarship​​
  2. Send this video or a link to the video, to [email protected] (this can be done via Vimeo, dropbox, google drive)
  3. If you are selected, you will be invited to attend auditions in late January 2018
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