Backcomb that big hair, glue on the giant lashes and prepare to snatch that crown! Your hosts Victoria Beauvoir and Roger Seahorse are on a mission to bring children’s beauty pageants to every Australian town and Melbourne – it’s your turn.

The Pageant is “the beauty pageant to end all beauty pageants” and is a pageant celebrating the power of pageantry because if there’s one thing former pageant darling Victoria Beauvoir knows, there’s no such thing as too much pageantry. Victoria is joined by her long-term devotee Roger Seahorse in this children’s beauty pageant that is most definitely not for children.

Presenting at Melbourne’s newest and hottest comedy venue Comedy Republic, comedians The Beryls – aka Laura Trenerry and Patrick Dwyer – present this narratively driven, immersive sketch show that casts the audience as contestants and pushy showbiz parents as they satirise the superficiality of beauty standards. Leave your name, age and gender identity at the door because The Pageant is a world unto itself.

Creators and performers Trenerry, from award-winning comedy trio The Travelling Sisters, and Dwyer, a mainstage theatre actor, have been working behind the scenes with Travelling Sister Ell Sachs as co-devisor and director Kimberley Twiner, from award winning, physically based queer comedy troupe PO PO MO CO and The Wholesome Hour (recent winners of a Green Room award), to bring this twisted tale about beauty, devotion and fighting for your dreams to the stage.

7pm Friday 27th & Saturday 28th August 2021