In light of recent events you would be excused for thinking ‘Slut’ by Patricia Cornelius is a recently penned work. Highlighting the way women are perceived and mistreated in society, particularly around the issues of early sexualisation, objectification, peer pressure and domestic violence this play is sadly as relevant today as it was when written in 2007. An ensemble of 5 women deliver a highly charged and evocative rendition of this story inspired by true events. This is a reprisal of the sharply choregraphed production that won 15 awards on the 2018 Victorian OAP Festival circuit.

Cast: Casey Bohan, Jen Bush, Malaynee Hayden, Julia Lambert with Reschelle O’Connor as Lolita

‘What is the Matter with Mary Jane?’ by Wendy Harmer and Sancia Robinson is based on the true story of Sancia’s journey through anorexia and bulimia. Originally written as a one woman show, an ensemble of 3 women and 1 man give a voice to this mental illness that affects over 1 million Australians, and together they propel us through deception, misery, treatment and triumph. Peppered throughout with Harmer’s dry wit this is ultimately a story of hope and recovery.

Cast: Casey Bohan, Jen Bush, Samuel Howard, Bella Perversi

Two hard hitting plays exploring trauma. Both powerfully important when written – sadly just as relevant now. Guaranteed to create conversation.

May 6 – 15

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Fourth Wall Theatre Company Presents

‘Slut’ by Patricia Cornelius and ‘What is the Matter with Mary Jane?’ by Wendy Harmer and Sancia Robinson

St. Martins Theatre

44 St. Martins Lane, South Yarra