Despite the challenges of the first half of 2020, this period has affirmed the strength of The Citizen Theatre and they have lots to look forward to in 2021. In the meantime, they are using this time to play, rest and reflect. Part of this has involved looking back on their impressive body of work and collectively celebrating what they have created as a community. The culmination of this process has been the creation of The Citizen Theatre Podcast.

This podcast has been expertly created by Citizen Tom Parrish (Forgotten Places, When The Light Leaves) and Citizen Imogen Cygler (Resident Composer and Music Director). Tom takes listeners on a thoughtful and invigorating journey of honest and joyous conversation with some of the active Citizen Theatre collaborators. There are stories of the early days of Citizen Theatre, the processes the creatives undertake when designing or preparing for a show, the other projects ther collaborators have been working on and how they found themselves working as independent artists. He is a natural conversationalist and is able to weave in great questions at just the right time with a voice and personality made for the sound waves. Imogen treats lsiteners with her magic sound wand yet again, providing transportive introductory sounds and a professional touch throughout.

Hosted by Tomas Parrish (When The Light Leaves) and sound production/composition by Imogen Cygler (Citizen Theatre Resident Composer/MD), the Citizen Theatre Podcast unearths the beauty and creativity that lies behind all aspects of Citizen Theatre, its artists, and what moves them.

The podcast takes listeners ‘behind the scenes’ and delves into the creative practices of some of Citizen Theatre’s regular collaborators. This rare insight into the different areas of independent theatre making, from costume design to stage management, directing to writing and devising, performance and producing, takes listeners on a journey through the intricacies, joys and challenges of making critically acclaimed independent theatre and music theatre.

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