The 52 Plays Project

Angeline Andrews has set herself a challenge and it’s tough one. It might possibly be the New York marathon of playwriting – to write one play per week, for 52 weeks. Just to clarify, that’s not a few pages of a script, a concept or a first draft but performance-ready plays which vary in length and complexity. 

Angeline, a British actress, acting tutor and writer based in Sydney, has a great interest in new writing for the stage. This project is about creating work that is accessible, relevant and entertaining in an age where theatre is competing with many other entertainment platforms.

Angeline has made it a public project by creating a website and twitter page to keep interested parties up to date on her process. This gives her a real responsibility to ensure her weekly play is finished and available every Saturday. When asked how she is able to commit to this daunting task she is quite direct – “I said I would and so I will, I can’t back out now or even have just 51 plays at the end of the year”.

As any writer would know, concepts are easy, an idea for a scene or character can come quickly and it’s exciting to embark on a new script. However taking that original idea, developing it, structuring it and producing your final draft, well those are the trickier steps. For her project Angeline considers “You cannot struggle with writer’s block in any way, shape or form as you absolutely have to get the plays finished . . . when there is an urgency to it you’re not censoring your work as much as you otherwise would.”

Angeline says it’s all about finding the times in your schedule that you didn’t know you had – time spent on the bus, your lunch hour and even those few minutes before bed.  It’s amazing how much time you can find in your week when you’re really looking for it.

Angeline began the project on Sunday 4 August 2013 and so she is well underway. To keep up to date with the project visit where the plays are available to view, download and perform (for free) until 30 November 2014.