Puppetry Centre Stage – Where It Belongs

Puppeteers, students, academics, and aficionados will unite in their shared passion for the dynamic, powerful and vibrant art of puppetry at the 4th National Puppetry and Animatronics Summit hosted by the Victorian College of the Arts in early July.

The Summit embraces the full spectrum of puppetry from finger puppets to gigantic animatronic dragons, shadow puppetry to digital images on a screen, theory and practice, old school and contemporary.

Oscar winners Adam Elliott and Shaun Tan are included in the stunning collection of speakers. International puppetry artists, Roman Paska and Dan Hurlin, will lead a masterclass and performance clinics to excite, entice and encourage excellence in puppetry practice.

Puppetry is constantly reinventing itself and in recent times has taken the world by storm attracting huge audiences worldwide with home grown live shows like “Walking With Dinosaurs” and “How to Train Your Dragon” and international productions including “War Horse” & “Lion King”.

In response, this 4th Summit Program themed Puppetry Centre Stage – Where It Belongs. is strongly focused on the development, innovation and growth of the art form and its practitioners. It is also designed to spark imagination, rouse dreams and inspire a new generation of puppeteers who harbour an inspirational vision for the future.

4th National Puppetry and Animatronics Summit
Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, July 5 – 8, 2012.