We caught up with Marcus Flood to discuss his new cabaret Public Transport – The good, the mad and the ugly.

TP: So what prompted you to put this show together?

Marcus: I don’t own a car so I find myself taking a lot of public transport.

The idea to do a show about public transport came to me when I was on a working holiday in London and I would take the tube daily….that was an eye opener to say the least!  I would come across all types on that tube, and so I thought what a great idea to bring some of those characters to life in the form of cabaret. When I talk to people about their public transport experiences, everyone has a horror story, so I thought I could share my frustrations/amazement/disbelief with those who might relate. When I came back from London, I was getting a lot of VLine trains also, and that was another experience I haven’t forgotten.

TP: What’s it about?

Marcus: In the show I talk about some of my real life experiences on the train or the tram, or the bus, but I also introduce specific ‘characters’ I have stumbled across along the way.  Some of these experiences have been good, some mad, and some ugly. For example, the time when I was nearly accosted by a young juvenile, just out on parole from the detention centre, and he was angry. The show is also a bit of a reflection on today’s society, and the way public transport brings all types together.

TP: What do you hope audiences will take away from it? What can they expect?

Marcus: I hope audiences will be able to come to the show, have a laugh, have a drink, take the opportunity to catch up with their friends/family, and relate to what I have to say through my commuting experiences. The show includes a few songs, mostly contemporary, that audiences might not have heard in a while, but should also be very familiar….for the most part. The show is very tongue in cheek, and so I hope that’s what audiences will get out of it, a fun night out.

TP: What was the process of putting the show together like?

Marcus: This is the second season of the show. I performed the show two years ago at The Butterfly Club. I also completed a couple of showcases to try out the material in the early stages of the shows development. Since these iterations I have had more experiences, and also further developed some of the characters from the original season/showcases. There are also quite a few new songs. It has been interesting to have written a character from one experience, and then have them ‘come to life’ afterwards again on another commute. Whether it be a person speaking too loudly on their phone, or someone who just wants a good chat and wont give up until they do.

TP: Who else is working on it?

Marcus: I will be performing the show at The MC Showroom in Prahran which is a great little venue for cabaret. My accompanist is Cathrine Attard who has been really wonderful to work with. I have had a lot of support and guidance right from the beginning of the show development from various teachers and mentors to get my show to where it is now. Family and friends have also been really supportive and helpful in so many different ways. It’s been a group effort.