Like Destiny’s Child meets Patsy Biscoe, reimagined by the likes of Tim Burton or Wes Anderson, it is easy to see why The Kransky Sisters are such cult favourites on both the Australian and international cabaret and comedy festival circuits. Giving credit where it is due, the award – winning trio have also appeared on popular television shows such as In Siberia Tonight, The Side Show, Spicks And Specks, and Comedy Shuffle.

A fun five – minute animated slide presentation prefaces and sets the show’s wacky tone.  The sisters allegedly are from the rural town of Esk (which I was shocked to discover, is actually a real place), located in Queensland’s south – east. They also have a shared fascination for tacky tourist attractions, and oversized postcard shots of them visiting The Big Pumpkin or The Big Koala Bear reinforce this offbeat experience. The evening is a rag – tag collection of songs, personal anecdotes, and all things Christmas.

Overall, the beauty in their one hundred – minute routine, is how these accomplished singer / musicians, would reconfigure traditional carols and popular tunes to their twisted and unusual bent.  At many points during the act, audience anticipation was deliciously two – fold.  Firstly, to hear what the siblings would play next, and secondly, recognising exactly how each song or carol had been pulled apart and reshaped for our entertainment.

Their bizarre and eclectic set – list has to be heard first hand to be believed, and of course, immediately relished.

Meaning, I guarantee songs from artists and groups such as ABBA, Boney M, Johnny Cash, Daft Punk, Enya, Lady GaGa, Nana Mouskouri, Sia, and Simon & Garfunkel will never sound quite the same again. At many points, viewers were in absolute stitches.  Further, the sisters work these moments absolutely poker faced, which only added to the overall hilarity.

Covering twenty hits in total, their choices were:


  •      Joy To The World
  •      Top Of The World
  •      Poker Face
  •      Get Lucky
  •      Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
  •      Deck The Hells
  •      Sound Of Silence
  •      Take A Chance On Me
  •      Chandelier
  •      Sail Away
  •      One Way Ticket
  •      Ring Of Fire
  •      Silent Night
  •      Pop Muzik
  • ·    Car Wash
  • ·    Ding Dong Merrily On High
  •      The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  •      Turn On The Sun
  • ·    Born To Be Wild
  •      Jingle Bells

This live act wouldn’t be complete without some audience participation thrown in for good measure. Heading into the audience, on the evening I reviewed the show, two men, Dave and Steve, were selected to join the siblings on stage.

Soon, they were dressed up to look exactly like them.  Sporting matching blouses, floor length skirts, and black fringed wigs, suddenly, three became five. Mimicking the sisters’ percussion – driven choreography in two Christmas carols, the guys, to their credit, loved every moment, as much as the rest of us.

A Very Kransky Christmas is playing for a strictly – limited season until Sunday November 26 at The Alex Theatre in St. Kilda. Currently on an extensive national tour dotting New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, this is a festive season treat not to be missed.