A fantastical journey direct from Scotland that will warm your heart

  Families are invited to embark on an unforgettable and fun adventure with Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker’s The Secret Life of Suitcases..

Featuring quirky puppetry, The Secret Life of Suitcases follows the story of Larry, a man who works in an office and likes it very much. He likes sorting and tidying and generally putting things in order.  He has everything in its place and a place for everything. One day, a suitcase with a tiny label with his name on it suddenly appears at his door. This suitcase has a mission and Larry’s world gets turned upside down.

The fantastical flying suitcase takes Larry on journey much further than he ever imaged. Audiences are invited to follow his journey as he discovers the thrill of adventure and the joy of coming home again. This funny and enchanting puppet production was originally co-produced by the Unicorn Theatre, London.

The Secret Life of Suitcases is the second collaboration between Edinburgh based puppeteer, designer, illustrator and maker Ailie Cohen and playwright and director Lewis Hetherington. The pair bonded over a love of creating theatre that uses objects, puppets and pictures to tell beautiful original stories which engage with the world we live in, and are full of heart, fun and magic. Their work is an invitation into fantastic and colourful worlds which celebrate the extraordinary nature of the ordinary. Combining minimal, poetic text, a sumptuous handcrafted aesthetic and engaging characters their productions last long in the imagination and memories of those who see them.

Ailie Cohen has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland, Grid Iron, TAG, The Citizens and Vanishing Point. She is an associate artist of Edinburgh’s Puppet State Theatre Company, having collaborated on The Man Who Planted Trees which has toured worldwide since 2006. Lewis Hetherington is a Glasgow based playwright and theatre maker. His first collaboration with Cohen, Cloud Man, is still touring internationally.

The Secret Life of Suitcases is presented as part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Winter/ Spring Families and Arts Learning programs. Arts Centre Melbourne’s year-round Families program was launched in August 2009 and has grown in reputation to become a highly respected program both in Melbourne and nationally. Featuring free events, intimate and large-scale theatre from some of the world’s most respected companies and a diverse range of interactive workshops, the program is robust and growing in size, scale and scope.

12 & 13 August

Book: artscentremelbourne.com.au or 1300 182 183