The team of Tyler Hess, Anthony Barnhill and Kirra Sibel have joined forces once again to bring Windmill Theatre’s production of Chicago to life.

After the critically acclaimed production of The Little Mermaid the team have collaborated to create what promises to be a truly unique take on the classic.

Jonathan Guthrie-Jones who plays Billy Flynn knows that most are familiar with the 1990s revival and its minimalistic nature. He believes that this production is set to deliver a new Chicago to a new generation of audience, with influence of the 2002 film coming through.

“I believe this approach only heightens the very premise of the show – the pretty, fake vaudeville world mirroring the dark, seedy reality,” he said.

Chicago2Windmill’s own Roxie Hart, Emily Mignot, agrees.  She believes their production explores the characters’ transition between different states of consciousness and how their awareness is manipulated throughout the show.

“What I love most about this version…is their awareness of the action, their role in the story and the way they relate this to the audience and each other. It’s genius,” she said.

The story which juxtaposes the 1920s grittiness and the glamorous lifestyle of the stage, is a satire of fame, justice and the media machine.  While it is full of flashy numbers, such as the cult classic, ‘Cell Block Tango’, the show doesn’t lack any substance.

Guthrie –Jones believes that these numbers even emphasise the premise of the show, with the pretty nature of the vaudeville world mirroring the dark, seedy reality.

For him, Chicago is a story that is relatable to today’s society as to the notion of why people become celebrities and their motives.

“For Chicago’s central characters, it’s all they live for – it dictates every word, every move, every step,” he said.

Chicago3Eilannin Black, who portrays Velma Kelly, sees it as a reflection on the modern-day media industry.

“The bad guys win and the good guys lose thanks to hype and media. The truth gets lost in pursuit of a tastier story,” she said.

The cast of the show, not only are passionate about the story but about their portrayals and have worked hard to be performance ready.

“I don’t think anyone in this cast has hit the gym harder or cut back on the candy bars more for a show in their lives. Any excuse to take the stairs has been taken and a hell of a lot of exercising whilst singing,” said Black.

Mignot acknowledges the team environment and collaboration required to create such a show.

“A team which works cohesively behind the scenes will always translate on stage to give a smoother, more confident and polished product,” Mignot said.

While Mignot is dying to bring Roxie Hart to the stage, she acknowledges other standout performances within the cast.

“…the interplay between Jonathan Guthrie Jones and Sean Van Geyzel (Amos Hart) is truly a portrayal of some of the ugliest sides of the human ego… comedy-wise “A Little Bit of Good” – Mary Sunshine is a whole new brand of melodrama and Shanelle Jacobs as Mama Morton now that is something you must hear and see live,” she said.

Chicago’s seasons opens on Saturday 17th of June at 8pm and finishes on Saturday the 2nd of July.

17th June – 2nd July


8pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday

2pm Sunday


prices range from $34-44