Hollywood has long been obsessed with the superhero phenomenon and they’ve made released a raft of extremely popular Lycra laced franchises over the past 10 years. In fact, of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time, superheroes make up one third. Spider-man, turn off the dark tried to make the cross over from movies to theatre but failed dismally, due to poor reviews and a raft of technical issues. Now the gang from Moonshoes are taking a more light-hearted approach in their quest to bring their childhood idols to life on stage this weekend.

Saving the day today are:

Jeremy Carden (Thanos)

Panfred Reed (Musical Director)

Jacob Shears (Lighting Designer)

Spider-man – Netflix and chill on the rooftop?

TP: What is Marvel-less about?

Jeremy: ‘Marvel-less’ is a comedic parody musical based around the red hot Marvel Universe, closely following the latest perils of the Avengers as they face off against a combination of evil forces. Combining all Marvel comics content ‘Marvel-less’ puts some of our favourite characters on the stage together such as Magneto, Thanos, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine and more. We follow the journey of the Avengers as their latest threat, the Infinity Gauntlet, threatens the fate of the entire galaxy. Unfortunately it’s not always simple as interior fights, friendship problems, a bumbling idiot called Hawkeye and a damn lot of tomfoolery get in their way.

TP: Where did the idea come from?

Jacob: Moonshoes is a company that bases themselves on creating performances that take our favourite franchises and turning them on their heads. Jeremy Carden, Sebastian Carr and Jared Smith put their heads together and decided that this time around we would tackle the biggest Franchise there is at the moment – The Marvel universe. The idea came from taking something serious and trying to see how much fun we could make it.

Jeremy: The concept of Marvel-less was originally created after the success of Moonshoes Productions’ last original musical parody ‘Girl on Fire’ (based on the Hunger Games). The only way to take a step up was embrace a universe we all know and love and the biggest universe in all forms of media right now, and that was Marvel. There was so much amazing content to work off of and we knew we could create something really awesome out of it that paid tribute to the original content but had all of it’s own fresh humour and fun too.

TP: What will audiences enjoy about Marvel-less?

Jeremy: Seeing ‘Marvel-less’ guarantees two things, entertainment, and laughter. The show blends together so much content from the hugely popular cinematic universe while having it’s own charm. Filled to the brim with jokes that will leave even the stingiest of audience members giggling the show capitalises on what Moonshoes Productions’ does best. Great music, great laughter, and a great experience.

TP: What are the creative challenges with on a show like this?

Panfred: Probably the biggest creative challenge of Marvel-less was faithfully and effectively bringing all of the incredibly colourful and rich characters to life, from the crazy props and weapons to the intricate and iconic costumes of the heroes. I’m incredibly proud of the work that our design team has done to build all of the unique and wonderful costumes and props needed for the show, building a full Iron Man suit that someone can run around, fall down and dance in on live stage is not easy! But luckily we have some really talented creative people that have put in the effort and time to make the show as epic and intricate as it can be!

TP: What is your favorite song or line in the show?

Panfred: I have so many favourite songs in the show, but my favourite song to play with the band is probably “Evil Without An Excuse” which is the song sung by all of the villains! It has a really sweet riff and we have probably too much fun with it! It was also a really fun song to write.

Jacob: The best song in the show, in my opinion, is the cell block tango esque performance by Black Widow and other female Avengers.


TP: What has the rehearsal process been like?

Panfred: Its really fun to be able to work on an original script like this because its never been done before. the script we wrote at the start of rehearsals is very different to the show we are performing on Friday night, because everyone together have brought their own ideas and developed the story throughout rehearsals and some of the best moments in the show are a result of those rehearsals and building a show amongst so many great talented young people! It’s also really fun to be able to write music and then introduce it to our almost 20 cast members and watch it really take off!

TP: Who’s your favorite character in the show?

Jeremy: Professor Xavier. Nothing like what you’d expect, Professor X is about as far from his in movie representation as humanly possible, and he’s absolutely HILARIOUS for it. You’ll have to see it to believe it! “Push me Logan”

Jacob: Without a doubt, Hawkeye. Hawkeye, in a way, represents the average person, that being you and me, and the way that those kinds of people fit into a super hero world. Hawkeye manages to remind us that just because we don’t have the super powers that the other Avengers do, we’re not incapable of being heroes.

Panfreed: Some of my favourite characters in the show are the X-men characters particularly Cyclops, he is played brilliantly by Sebastian Carr, I think its the voice and the faces he makes, its hilarious.

Marvel-less plays for three shows only THIS WEEKEND. For details CLICK HERE