From contemporary dance on ice, to fireworks, percussion and CBD street takeovers, to some of the world’s greatest theatre makers locally and internationally including Canada’s Robert Lepage and Geelong’s Back to Back Theatre, Jonathan Holloway’s first Melbourne Festival program presents an irresistible assortment of familiar and unknown, local and far-flung, large-scale and intimate productions embodying the spirit of Australia’s most surprising city.

Artistic Director, Jonathan Holloway said: “For tens of thousands of years people have met on this land to share songs and stories and to dance together. This is where they gathered to explore their dreams and realities.

“This year’s Festival is full of events that freely and inquisitively traverse borders in all their forms. We shine a spotlight on the ever shifting borders between childhood and adulthood, between life and death, between dreams and reality. We puncture the creative borders between artforms, and between the arts and civic society. We have sought every opportunity to blur the borders between artists and audiences.

“In each part of the Festival we have put work of international excellence from Victoria and work of international excellence from the rest of the world together as proud equals, further complimented by collaboration between the two.”

Over 18 days this October, the Festival will present 62 events and 207 performances by artists and companies from countries including Spain, Canada, Germany, UK, China, USA, France, Ireland, Japan and Australia. With 10 world premieres, and 18 Australian premieres and events exclusive to Melbourne the 2016 Melbourne Festival is sure to be a hit for all.

The Melbourne Festival takes place from 6-23 October 2016.
Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 5 August – visit