Sydney Dance Company are bringing to Melbourne their highly anticipated production of 2 One Another for a strictly limited season this coming November.

I was fortunate enough to meet with the creator and Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company Rafael Bonachela to discuss this magnificent piece of theatre, and also to get  little bit of insight into the man behind the creation.

As you speak to Bonachela you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated, his energy is so positive and passionate, I can only feel envy for the lucky dancers and creative's who get to share in his artistry and innovation on a daily basis.

Bonachela speaks of 2 One Another (meaning, 2 – Two People, One – an individual and Another – the group) as though it is his child, he speaks with love and is obviously proud of how it has developed and come to fruition as the production which it is now. Surprisingly the creative process to this show was much more intense than I had imagined, and the building blocks used were far more innovative than what you would expect for a dance based show.

Dancers were asked to monitor the general actions made and body language of unknowing artists in the room, then form movements based on these to form realistic interpretations of the meaning. From there, a poet Sam Webster, asked the dancers to put words to the moves, and created poetry on the moves based on the dancers feelings, then connected the over all storyline so each dancer was in tune with the rhyme, meaning and feeling.
Webster, Bonachela then intertwined their creations with composer Nick Wales to create a full scale show, that has far more depth than your standard dance show, or contemporary ballet.

Due to the collaboration style of this shows development, the dancers were heavily involved in bringing a lot of their personal feelings and ideas to the table, Bonachela says it was difficult for the dancers, because not only did they have to push themselves physically but the mental and emotional workload involved was very intense, but the outcome provides the audience with a very special and personal performance by each of these world class dancers.

Leaving this meeting I felt blessed that Australia has welcomed the talents of Bonachela who comes from Barcelona and has enjoyed a lavish career as a Professional dancer and choreographer having toured the world and working alongside the best of the best in this demanding and difficult industry.

2 One Another This is a must see production, book early and enjoy the talents this country has to offer.

The Playhouse – The Arts Centre

Date & Time
21 November – 1 December

8pm evening performances
No Sunday performances


Premium $80
A-Reserve $70
B-Reserve $50
Concession and Group prices available in A Reserve seating

‘Under 30’ prices available Wednesdays only in B Reserve seating