This year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival is shaping up to be its biggest, boldest and brightest yet.

Running over 19 days from September 16 until October 4, the jam – packed calendar will highlight more than 6,000 participants in 400 different events.

Presenting something for every age group and taste, the 2015 program includes both local and international talent with acts ranging from cabaret, circus, comedy, dance, music, live and performance art.

Perhaps the most original star turn of all, ‘Barry Morgan’s World of Organs’ is sixty minutes of glittering non – stop musical magic and energetic mayhem.

Billed as the ‘Home Organ Party Experience’, Morgan’s latest offering more than lives up to its descriptive title. So be prepared for plenty of hairspray, silly hats, lollies, mobile phone selfie moments, and ‘nutty’ audience participation from this highly interactive celebration.

Who knows? You may even make some new friends, get to meet Barry’s mum, and learn a smart dance move or two. (Latecomers, please note. You will have your tardiness recognized. All in cheeky fun, of course!)

The brainchild of former teacher and session musician, Stephen Teakle, his delicious alter ego is a hilarious host and a thoroughly charming throwback to a bygone era. With the campy festivities flying thick and fast, the show’s cheery sense of tongue – in – cheek nostalgia serves Teakle very well indeed.

To paraphrase host, Adam Hills, from ABC TV’s ‘Spicks and Specks’, Barry could be the offspring of cricketer, Dennis Lillie, and another highly – respected entertainer, Bob Downe. Dressed in his trademark safari suit, Morgan’s hit appearance on the series gave him immediate mass appeal. Rolling with that cult status, Teakle has since played sell – out stints in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Part of Morgan’s brilliant routine is to transpose well – known rock and pop standards via the Lowrey Wandering Genie. Advertised as a ‘portable’ keyboard, the in-joke being that it clearly isn’t, Barry will keep you guessing as a half – dozen tunes are given his kitschy lounge music touch. Adding samba swish and drum – beats aplenty, the end result is that you will never hear top twenty hits in quite the same way again.

With help on the ‘Commodore 64’ from his mini-me assistant Callum, Barry then moved onto the bigger Hammond Aurora Classic. Together, the two of them went to town and really showed what this baby could do.

The fun doesn’t end there.

Discover first hand why Campari combined with Bex make such good mixers, teach Barry your best secret handshake, or bring a surprise party trick of your own.

One audience member, Michael, played his harmonica for us while Barry backed him firstly on the spoons, quickly followed by the musical washboard. It was delightfully unexpected and completely engaging moment.

Barry Morgan’s ‘Home Organ Party Experience’ was given some clever finishing touches with a backing row of flashing disco lights and a quirky Powerpoint photo album to keep punters well and truly in the mood.

Enjoying this talented artist work North Melbourne’s Lithuanian Club Ballroom like nobody’s business, I can’t think of a better after work or weekend treat. With pitch – perfect direction from the delightful Fiona Scott Norman, come join the fun and see why everybody loves Barry.