Since its inception in 2005, travelling community arts festival The Village Festival has delighted 55 communities across Australia, programming over 5000 artists and acts, and involving over 150 community groups.

More than 450,000 people across Australia have experienced the unique, welcoming, community space that The Village Festival provides, where creativity rules and vibrant colour, wonder and up-close-and-personal encounters flourish.

The festival is inviting Melburnians to dive into their own creativity as they experience The Village in all its glory for one last time in Edinburgh Gardens.

There are 140 different program elements that cover theatre, visual art, music, interactive arts, food, ritual, secrets and everything in between. The Village guarantees to surprise and delight, inviting festival-goers to become active participants in their alternative utopian playground.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this beguiling, beautiful event and have one final spring dance in the gardens with the villagers.

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