I had the pleasure of seeing Whitehorse Musical Theatre's production of RENT last night. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the show, it was absolutely fantastic. I would also like to give a special mention to Daniel Benge on his portrayal of Mark Cohen. He gave one of the best performances I have ever seen in live theatre. I suggest you get along and see this spectacular show before it closes.


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Hi TP Gang,

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Saw RENT last night and was

Saw RENT last night and was totally blown away by the standard of the production. Every aspect was slick and created a powerfully emotional experience. Congratulations to the superb cast - it was clear to us in the audience that you gave your all.

Blown away!

Whitehorses production of Rent was simply fantastic! Each and every one of the soloists had beautiful voices- from Mark & Roger, to the lesser roles such as Marks Mother and the Christmas Bells man. This was my first time seeing Rent, and it will not be the last. I'll be coming again without a doubt. Thanks so much!

Excellent job!

Very much enjoyed this performance of Rent. The ensemble was phenomenal! Best I'd seen in an amateur production even. I found Daniel Benge and Steve Simmons as Mark and Roger to be a terrifically talented pair, and Katie Woods' Mimi to be a very enjoyable representation of the role. Katie Weston as Maureen was fantastic- with her Over The Moon performance being a standout. Phil Haby as Collins sent chills up my spine with his beautifully smooth vocals in the I'll Cover You (reprise), however i did not feel he paired well with Leigh Barker as Angel. I found Leighs Angel to be disappointing vocally as there were several pitch problems in the performance i saw, however his acting was very enjoyable to watch. Zuleika Kahn as Joanne really impressed me with both her strong voice and acting ability, and Christian Cavallos Benny was also very well sung. Overall, i loved the cast as a whole. It was refreshing to see incredible talent come from both the leads, and each of the ensemble soloists. I've seen Rent performed 4 times now (once being on the West End), and I can honestly say that the larger than usual cast made this my favourite.
Hopefully i can come again soon.
Much Love,


Was the best amateur production i've ever seen. I even enjoyed it more than the professional productions of West Side Story and The King & I. I thought all the leads were great, however the ensemble were what made the show for me. So so impressive!
I'll be coming again!

Whitehorses Rent

I just loved this performance of my favourite musical Rent. This was so much better than Whitehorses' last production, High School Musical. This was seriously a talented cast. I'll Cover You Reprise was just magical, and i loved Mimi in Out Tonight and Maureen and Joanne in Take Me or Leave Me.
I want to watch it again.

The moment broken...

I too went to see Whitehorse's RENT and absolutely loved it. However, my enjoyment turned to anger when, just as Collins announces 'it's over' and is about to sing his wonderful reprise of 'I'll Cover You', someone's BLOODY MOBILE PHONE went off. This is one of my favourite parts of the show and it was marred by a person who was utterly inconsiderate of those around her/him. Could people PLEASE be more thoughtful when going to the theatre - if you're not sure of correct audience etiquette, don't bloody go. How hard can it be, honestly?

Well done again Whitehorse - you guys rocked the house.

Whilst the production of

Whilst the production of 'Rent' was very good, I would hardly call it the best show I've ever seen. I have seen other performances of this show, as well as most of the cast in other shows and found this particular show to be... well... boring. It was quite spectacular and the cast did an excellent job, yet I just couldn't connect with anyone or get into the story. I find this to be common with 'Rent' and I have only managed to actually enjoy one performance of it, so cast, do not take this as a put down, as I have said, you were all very good. I just find it odd that Whitehorse decided to go with this show, rather than 'Oliver' as I personally thought that Oliver would be a better choice for a company that was teetering on the edge of financial ruin not so long ago.

Anyway, ramble over. Well done cast of 'Rent'.

Oliver big bucks

Unfortunately Oliver isn't an option when 'teetering' as it requires a considerable cash advance to be paid against the royalties.

Ok, fair enough. As a

Ok, fair enough. As a theatre-goer and not a theatre-runner, I don't know these things. My apologies. Would the cash advance not be justified by the amount of tickets that would be sold due to the kids in the show? I was under the impression that kids sell? Just to clarify: <-- Doesn't know everything.

i think kids do help sell

i think kids do help sell tickets when your in a 300 - 400 seat theatre! maybe they can help make a small difference to the end takings. as let's face it 30 relatives can make up 10%

But in a 1000 seat theatre, having 40 kids in the cast does not a huge difference to the end takings make if it is A) a show that does not fire the imagination of the general public. and B) cause your pre-production overheads to sky rocket and C) maybe only fill 1 night worth of tickets over a season of 10 - 12 performances. That is alot of tickets and kids or no kids won't make a difference.

I'm not saying that kids don't sell tickets, I'm not saying they do either. There is no rule of thumb here. I've seen Les Mis fail to make money, I've seen kids shows rake in the dollars and others fail.

I guess the point to be made here is... Regardless of what shows these theatre companies choose to do, unless your on the committee, and in that case probably not wanting to talk publicly about the reasons for your decissions, why talk about it here on an open forum since you have no idea. Are you not just speculating for the sake of being a trouble maker?


I haven't been to an amateur theatre production in Melbourne for over 2 years, but last Monday was brought out of hiding to see one of my favourable musicals of all time - RENT. I have seen Rent on the West End as well as seeing Stella's production some years ago. In many ways, this production (Whitehorse) measured up or surpassed each of those I have seen previously. The lack of consistency in talent is what lets most amateur theatre shows down and keeps me away... but this cast of Rent were AMAZING. Standouts were Roger (Steve Simmons), Maureen (Katie Weston) and Collins (Phil Haby). Mark (Daniel Benge) was a tad manic for my liking, but still very watchable. Mimi, Joanne, Angel and Benny were all strong and the ensemble was equally wonderful. Great sound and lighting and besides a couple of tiny exceptions, this show far surpassed my expectations. I know the tickets were cheaper on monday night but the size and reaction of the audience was equally impressive. Congratulations.


Just came home and was blown away by the Whitehorse production of Rent. I have seen several of their productions but this was in a class of its own. I have just returned from New York and this was as good as the two broadway shows I saw without a doubt. Confronting, provocative and in your face but so strong throughout. Mark, Roger, Tom all wonderful but Mimi stole the show. Katie Weston in Over the Moon was a knockout. Well done Whitehorse!!

DITTO to all the above! just

DITTO to all the above! just as i thought i had finally got rent out of my system (the obsession began in 2006), you guys have gone and completely re-ignited the flame. *tempted me to make "light my candle "reference but will refrain at the risk at being even more lame*

i am just in awe of the talent in this show and am actually very disappointed it comes under the umbrella of "amateur theatre" because that show completely blew me away more than many a professional show i have paid to see.

i cannot congratulate you all enough!!
la vie bohemme baby!

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