OXAGEN's 'Rent'

I heard that OXAGEN are doing RENT for their October show, but I can't find an official announcement anywhere. Can anyone confirm this for me?


Oxagen is renting

Yes, its true and I've seen the announcement on Facebook. I'm sure they will get it onto Theatrepeople soon enough.

Hi Anonymous, OXAGEN haven't

Hi Anonymous,

OXAGEN haven't officially announced any productions for 2013 except for our February production of Warped.


We hope to produce Mid-2013 and Late-2013 productions as well, and we will announce those details on our facebook page (and open production team applications) as soon as we have confirmed the rights.

For the moment, come and see Warped between 7th and 9th of February!

Tristan Lawrence
OXAGEN Online Officer 2013

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