Suitcase, Baggage and Other Synonyms

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Wednesday, 10th October 2012 (All day)
The Wesley Anne

The 2012 Fringe estival is off to a great start, with a short run of a very creative and funny piece bought to us by five very talented young people. Barnaby Reiter, Hannah Daniel, Melissa Kahraman, Sarah Jackson and Casey Dolcetta have written a song cycle that is based on four girls trying to decide on where to go for their holiday.

The show was co-directed by all, and although most numbers worked well, I believe they could have done with an overseeing eye to give the piece more cohesion. Every song had whomever was singing coming to the front of the stage and singing from there. The only time this didn’t happen was in the Audition Tango, which I found out later was choreographed by Vertical Shadows director/choreographer Stephen Agosilaou.  This number was the most visually pleasing of the show.

Barnaby Reiter wrote the music and collaborated on the lyrics with all four girls. Reiter was also the musical director and played keyboards onstage for the performance. The girls also gave Reiter the chance to sing his own song, ‘the grindr song’, which was hilarious and showed us that Reiter is a very talented and multi skilled artist.

The show is about the girls deciding where to go on their holiday, but the keep getting side tracked onto non-related topics - this is where the humour enters.

Sarah Jackson was the standout of the night as the want-to-be comedian. Jackson’s comic timing is impeccable, and her song, ‘The Perfect Bit’ was a highlight of the show.

Hannah Daniel, in her scene where she has to call the travel agents, was hilarious. Melissa Kahraman in the “Audition Tango” also had me in stiches, probably because I’ve actually auditioned people that bad. Her balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet was especially funny.

Casey Dolcetta treated us with a beautiful ballad, ‘Gotta get outta my way’, which showed off her beautiful voice.  All the girls had strong voices - there wasn’t a weak link amongst them.

The New York number was beautifully sung by all, and Reiter’s accompaniment and vocal arrangement for the piece was delightful. I especially loved how three of the girls were singing solo parts about New York when Jackson came in with her Las Vegas tribute. This was very funny. I also couldn’t help but laugh at the black jokes, which weren’t really supposed to be funny, but they were!

Lighting and sound were appropriate for the piece, although I thought giving each girl their own colour would have been a path worth considering.

All in all, the team have conceived, written and delivered a well-rounded piece of theatre of which they should all be proud.



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Gavin has been involved in theatre for the past 26 years, reining from Geelong where he played such roles as Jud Fry in Oklahoma!, and Juan Peron in Evita. He moved to Melbourne over 18 years ago and has performed in Into the Woods as the Baker, Jeffrey in Godspell, and Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. Having performed in over 30 productions, Gavin went onto direct Hot Mikado for Nightowl Productions for which he received a Guild Judges award. Gavin has also directed several productions for Loyola Musical Society, performed in MLOC's Production of Beauty and the Beast as Cogsworth and portrayed Trekki Monster in Slams' production of Avenue Q and Performed the role of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof for Croydon Parish Player Oct 2013