Sammy J and Randy – The Inheritance

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Sunday, 1st April 2012 (All day)

Straight from the Montreal and Edinburgh Comedy Festivals, Australia's favourite skinny man and purple puppet return for their most ambitious show yet, The Inheritance.

The production values are the highest I have seen in a Sammy J show.  Multiple larger set pieces, lots of props and additional characters where all jammed into their hour long performance.  Being only their fourth performance in the festival there will still some things that needed ironing out, lighting mishaps and set pieces not quite working.  However, thanks to the duos quick wit and brilliant comedic timing these mishaps only heightened the humour in the room. 

It was great to see some additional puppets added. The audience even gets treated to some shadow puppets.   It really showcases the puppetry skills of Heath McIvor and allowed him to step out from ‘behind the desk’.  We finally even get to see him step out from behind it playing Randy... a moment the audience definitely appreciated.

Through creepy caretakers, talking furniture, headless ghosts, sword fights, filling out the census form and of course a song or two along the way, Sammy J and his felt faced friend Randy will keep the laughter coming and your cheeks hurting from another entertaining comedy festival experience.