Moonshadow - The Musical Closes Early

It has been announced today that Moonshadow — The Musical, currently playing at the Princess Theatre Melbourne, will be closing on 4 August - a month ahead of schedule.

While there have been talks of a National tour, it seems unlikely that Moonshadow - The Musical will make it past Melbourne at this stage.

Moonshadow - The Musical  opened on May 31 this year to mixed reviews, and features more than 40 of the songs Yusuf penned under the name Cat Stevens.


An 'older' opinion

Please let me start by saying that I am a keen Cat Stevens fan and I did NOT see the show but a work colleague (senior exec) did and I can tell you, the review was "NOT impressed at all". In fact, a few people sitting close by left the theatre at interval and did not return.

As I said, seeing as I did not see the show I cannot say whether I liked it or not but going by the favorable opinions in this tp talk session, I'm wondering if opinion might be influenced by your age? My work colleague is over 60.

Regardless, I think its always rotten when a show has to close before the official end of season.


I suspect the poor sucker called by the single name Yusuf has been fed garbage by theater promoters and agents as well as the uncritical audience that now buys his music. Unfortunately for him he spent too much time contemplating his immortal soul and not his guitar. The story is just so weak , there is no excuse for such bad plot lines these days and a much more sophisticated audience will not countenance being patronized by such pathetic idealistic rubbish such as Moonshadow. The songs , now well past their musical sell by dates were not rivaled by new material, the set was just plain airy fairy rubbish and the story paralleled by Tripitaka the Buddhist journey to enlightenment. Sorry but this was a big step too far for a man who has unfortunately come to believe his own myth of spiritual and philosophical correctness. Now 5,000,000 dollars later he has paid for the privileged of finding out he is just another god spouting bore.


I attended last week with my eldest daughter (42), my sister (65), two of my granddaughters (15 and 4) and a friend (15).

The promotion for this musical has not been very effective, it seems. I knew very little, other than it was based on Cat Stevens' music (which I've loved since the 70s). Social media and networking didn't seem to be very prominent. Seems to me that mobile reviews and sharing would make a huge difference... my daughter, sister and 15 yo niece were all on their mobile phones tweeting, sharing, etc at interval and after the show.

Visually, the show is beautiful. The music is excellent. Staging is really, really smart. But in the Attention Deficit age, your promotion (especially viral, online promotion) needs to be relentless and social networking savvy. It also needs to be highly pro-active. You can't afford to rely on people acting off their own initiative. You have to give them the tools and reminders to share and recommend.

The production was a joy. Kudos to all involved! (My 4 yo granddaughter sat entranced throughout and didn't want it to end.)

I went to see Moonshadow

I went to see Moonshadow recently and came away from it blown away!
It was so incredible, I don't believe anyone can see it and give it a bad review. It is a fantasy story with a prevelent moral but it isn't a hard story with a lot of adult content. It doesn't matter in the slightest. Adults and children alike will love it!
I left the theatre bitterly sad that there was no cast recording of the music as it was so good, even when not performed by Cat Stevens (legend though he is).
Also, I had never heard his music before and still loved it so in my opinion it is well worth seeing before it closes!
The acting and singing was incredible too, all the cast was amazing!

Leapin' and hoppin' on a moonshadow!

Cat Stevens should only be

Cat Stevens should only be heard on Smooth FM 91.5!

So you went to see the show?

Somehow I suspect not. Irrelevant opinions about your personal preferences are hardly worth the space here in a serious topic.

Another One Bites The Dust!

Sadly another one bites the dust. With Officer and a Gentleman jumping ship and now Moonshadow, my guess is that King Kong the Musical will meet a similar demise once it makes it onto our stages.
The gamble that our producers have taken on these productions has not paid off. Australia likes the classics! or let’s face it, anything starring Anthony Warlow. New contemporary pieces like the ones mentioned above, are doomed to fail! Unless there is some kind of Broadway/West End seal of approval the Australian audiences won't touch it.
Bring on the likes of Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Wicked, and Hairspray and box office sales will remain steady. Revive Les Mis, Anything Goes, The King & I, My Fair Lady - heck there is a leading role in all of them for the great Mr Warlow.
When Australian producers take on such risky projects they are ultimately providing an even more unstable predicament for the artists and the industry. Sadly with 2 shows closed/closing many in our industry are thrust back into unemployment. If only the money had been spent on a show that the public want, and will actually pay for.
I cringe everything I hear of some “new” debut being scheduled for Australia. I breathe a sigh of relief when I hear proposals for shows like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The resurgence and embracement of childhood musicals has been seen through record sales in Mary Poppins and Annie and Chitty will be sure to follow suit.
Don’t get me wrong, I wish we were equal in fortitude of the likes of Broadway – I would love to see all kinds of musicals finding success here in Australia, however the reality is vastly different.