Brian Friel’s enduring work of art, Faith Healer is an extraordinary creation presented in four beautifully sculpted monologues. Under the direction of Judy Davis, the transcendent, intricate drama will open in Melbourne on Thursday 9 March at Southbank Theatre, The Sumner.

In this Belvoir production, Colin Friels (Skylight) takes to the stage as the enigmatic faith healer, Francis Hardy – for whom his gift is both a blessing and a curse – alongside Alison Whyte (Summer of the Seventeenth Doll) as the loyal but damaged Grace and Paul Blackwell (Deadline Gallipoli) as his manager, Teddy

Increasingly fascinating as the story progresses, Francis, Grace and Teddy take turns wrestling with the past, showing that memory can be as unreliable, and as contradictory, as faith.

From church hall to church hall, from one remote and dying village to the next, Francis Hardy, faith healer, works his magic, curing the sick and the lame, giving strength to the weak. He can tell you of nights when miracles were conjured as fast as he could place his touch, but his powers have never been reliable. More of a mystery is why Grace and Teddy stay with him.

March 4 – April 8