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  • Violin

    - SarahFD

    I play violin and would be interested in playing in Beyond Desire. Contact me if this is a... read more

  • An exceptional new musical and first run of Essence of Passion. Bernadette Mirabelli has shown... read more

  • The Essence of Passion

    - Still Hoping. . .

    A really good show from the start,with great lyrics, music,& storyline all supported by... read more

  • revivals

    - Anonymous

    Thank you for a thoughtful and interesting piece, Saskia. I'm looking forward to seeing Side... read more

  • The essence of?

    - Anonymous

    I'm not sure what "Passion" was doing in this show, because she sure wasn't positively affecting... read more

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  • Hi, I am a guitarist and a University music performance graduate looking to join a theatre band.... read more
  • I hear that SLAMS has had it's opening weekend of the show, but I've heard nothing about it and can... read more
  • Seating etiquette

    - Nick Pilgrim

    Tonight my girlfriend and I attended a show which the company staging it asked me to review.... read more
  • Did you know that this week marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War 1??? Renegade... read more
  • Hi, We are a new Brunswick theatre ensemble in rehearsals with our first production; an... read more
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